ORIGIN AND TRADITION Origin and Tradition: Fior di Latte is a fresh cheese made from cow’s milk, primarily produced in Southern Italy, particularly in Campania. It has ancient origins, and its traditional production methods have been passed down through generations of cheesemakers. DIFFERENCE FROM MOZZARELLA Difference from Mozzarella di Bufala: Unlike Mozzarella di Bufala, which is made from buffalo milk, Fior di Latte is made exclusively from cow’s milk. This gives Fior di Latte a more delicate flavor compared to the richer and creamier taste of Mozzarella di Bufala. CULINARI VERSATILITY Culinary Versatility: Fior di Latte is incredibly versatile and is used in various dishes. It is perfect for Neapolitan pizzas, salads, appetizers, gnocchi Sorrentina and can also be enjoyed on its own. Its ability to melt evenly makes it ideal for pizza, adding a creamy texture without releasing too much water. ARTISANAL PRODUCTION Artisanal Production: The production of Fior di Latte follows traditional techniques. Fresh milk is curdled, stretched, and then hand-shaped by skilled cheesemakers. This artisanal process ensures superior quality and an authentic taste that industrial versions cannot replicate. FRESH CONSUMPTION Fresh Consumption: Fior di Latte is a fresh cheese and should be consumed within a few days of production to fully appreciate its freshness and flavor. For best preservation, it should be kept immersed in its whey until ready to eat, avoiding overly cold temperatures that could affect its texture. LATTERIA SORRENTINA has a rich history dating back to 1880. Founded in the Campania region of Italy, the company has been dedicated to producing high-quality dairy products for over a century. It started as a small family business and has grown into a well-known brand, renowned for its commitment to traditional cheese-making methods. Their buffalo mozzarella, in particular, has become a symbol of Italian culinary excellence, celebrated for its authentic taste and superior quality.


San marzano plant

The process. The San Marzano tomato is one of the Italian excellences in the world. San Marzano originates from the Agro Sarnese-Nocerino1, in the Sarno2 Valley, in the province of Salerno. Its center of origin is above all in the territory of the municipality of San Marzano, from which it took its name. The all process follows a mandatory process dictated by the San Marzano DOP regulations. Cultivation CULTIVATION OF SAN MARZANO TOMATOES FROM THE NOCERINO SARNESE COUNTRYSIDE First step of SMD process is “IMPLANT“, the soil is prepared to welcome the tomato seedling of a KIROS species, San Marzano 2. The plant starts with traditional methods and without the use of machinery. The entire process is done by hand. The cultivation of San Marzano Dop is practiced vertically, with suitable stakes and horizontal wires. The planting spacing must be at least 40 cm on the row and 110 cm between the rows.The exclusive training method must be vertical with suitable supports and horizontal wires. In addition to normal cultivation practices, both suckering and topping are permitted. Any forcing practice that tends to alter the natural biological cycle of the tomato is prohibited, with particular regard to ripening. Document disciplinary of San Marzano DOP

Vincenzo Santoro

Winner of Pizza Expo 2024 Vincenzo Santoro

The Winner Vincenzo Santoro of Las Vegas – At the World Pizza Championship, the most important event in the sector worldwide, Vincenzo Santoro of Song ‘e Napule pizzeria in New York wins the best Neapolitan pizza category. The Las Vegas Pizza Challenge is the World Championship that draws pizza makers from around the world to elect the Pizza Maker of the Year. These are the three most important awards added to the rankings of the regional “Traditional” and “Non-Traditional” categories as well as the Pan Division and the very American World’s Best Cheese Slice. Vincenzo Santoro, known as PIZZA KID, a 27-year-old Neapolitan from Arenaccia. He lives and works in New York where he pursues his passion, Neapolitan pizza, with determination and dedication.In Song& Napule, iconic and famouse Ciro Iovine’s pizzeria in New York.Thanks to his tenacity and humility, he finds people and companies that believe in him. Together with Rega USA and his partners, he finally has the opportunity to showcase his skills at The International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. INTERNATIONAL PIZZA EXPO OF LAS VEGAS For 40 years now, one of the most anticipated events for those who love and work in the pizza industry. An international competition that brings together the greatest exponents of the pizza world every year. Professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world come to share experiences and compete with others in the World Pizza Championship. NEAPOLITAN PIZZA LAS VEGAS WORLD CHAMPION With dedication and passion, tenacity, and great humility, Vincenzo achieves one of the most beautiful and significant recognitions in the pizza world after years of sacrifices and experiences around the globe. He wins the championship for Neapolitan pizza at the International Pizza Expo. The competition sees him triumph over more than 100 participants from all over the world. Many have talked about it, from Il Mattino to Il Newyorkese, to the social media pages of our partners like Molino Casillo.


Combo neapolitan pizza sorrentina mozzarella rega tomatoe casillo flour

Rega Box is a perfect combo approved by Pizza Verace Napoletana to make a really and autentic Napolitan Pizza with hight and simply ingredient: Mozzarella Fior di latte Sorrentina, Rega San Marzano DOP and Casillo flours!

Semola pizza’s flour: Pizza Oro Casillo!

PIZZA ORO Casillo box Rega

“Oro” is a re-milled durum wheat semolina obtained from the mixture of the best protein durum wheat. The fine grain size obtained thanks to the double grinding of the grain, they make it ideal for preparation of bread, pizza, focaccia.

Crunchy pizza’s flour: Aroma Casillo!

Linea Aroma box flour casillo icon

AROMA is the type “1” flour obtained by extremely slow milling process. Mulino Casillo dedicates this flour to Roman-style pizza. It’s also perfect for a mix to do a Neapolitan pizza or any style of this beautiful expressione of love, choose our flours and semolinas made with 100% selected Italian wheat

Pizza’s flour: Superiore Casillo!

Linea Superiore box flour casillo icon

Rega Casillo flour for Neapolitan pizza. For a best Neapolitan pizza or any style of this beautiful expressione of love, choose our flours and semolinas made with 100% selected Italian wheat and get ready to set off on surprising journeys of taste.