A Southern
Italy Story

The Autentico Italian Food arrives in the States thanks to Rega’s family. It all started in the Southern Italy in 1965. Here Luigi Rega founds his food company Agriconserve Rega, to grow and sell the fantastic raw materials produced by its land.
Time goes by and Luigi’s son decide to move in New Jersey to start a new business company, always based on their Italian agricultural products. With him his son also moves, whose name is the same of his grandfather.
So the young Luigi Rega ends up in the USA. He’s 20 and want to use the deep know-how of his family and of Italian farming to make known the true taste of Italian products in America. Besides this, to animate him is the courage, the stubbornness, the energy of youth and the desire to remember his grandfather Luigi Rega, the head of the family that bears his own name, the person that taught him everything he knows.

From these bases, Luigi finds the strength not only to survive but to make to prosper a company that’s still today a productive model in its field.
In fact, Rega USA grows to move from Lodi (NJ) to Wayne (NJ) to a larger and more functional warehouse, and then expand the warehouse network to Miami (FL) and Los Angeles (CA). Soon the need arose to import other products in addition to Rega brand products, such as Italian extra virgin olive oil and authentic mozzarella cheese.

The same applies for the traditional desserts and cakes from Naples, so here begins the collaboration with Giordano’s, the brand founded by Luigi’s uncle.
After more than 60 years, Luigi continues to make known the Made in Italy in America. It’s what we at Rega call “The Autentico Italian food”.