The dairy products of Latteria Sorrentina are those cheeses and dairy products produced in Italy that give taste to every dish with the authentic flavor of the Italian food tradition.

Born from a passion for good eating and genuine food, the dairy products by Latteria Sorrentina have always been the representation of what we can give our customers: the best for their table and their health.

Genuine, tasty, made with quality ingredients like 100% Italian milk, our products are special and you’ll realize from the first bite: try to imagine the creaminess of the Fior di Fuscella or the unique texture of the stracciatella cheese spread on a bruschetta of fresh bread and tomato. Breathtaking.

Fiordilatte Di Napoli


The most authentic expression of the tradition and fresh dairy products processing is enclosed in the braid shape that recalls a flower. The hand-crafted processing of the milk collected from the stalls and pastures of Campania region and the particular shape of its cut make the Fiordilatte di Napoli a special ingredient for pizzas, main courses, side dishes and much else.