San Marzano PDO

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pH between 4,2 e 4,5

Drained weight not
less than 65% of the net weight
Uniform red color with an a/b
colorimetric ratio of not less than 2.2
Adding salt is allowed (max 3% of the weight),
basil leaves, semi-concentrated tomato
juice always and exclusively from San Marzano

Elongated and parallelepiped shape,
with lenght ranging from 60 to 80 milimeters

Absence of extraneous
flavors and odors

Refractometric residue not less than 4%

Agriconserve Rega distributes in ltaly and abroad with its Rega and Strianese brand. Peeled tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, datterini tomatoes, diced tomatoes, pulps, purées and sauces: the Agriconserve Rega tomato is healthy, good and true. The mild climate, the healthy air and the large crops that extend on the coasts of Puglia and Tuscany, where there are no heavy industries, the water from the wells is clean and the growth conditions are optimal. The harvesting activity, using agricultural machinery, takes place only in the months of August and September, when the tomatoes have reached that bright and characteristic red tint, the color of the right ripeness. They are transported to the Striano plant and processed within 24 hours, preserving freshness, color and flavor.

“Elongated berry shape with parallel longitudinal depressions, bright red color, poor presence of seeds and placental fibers, bright red skin and easy peelability, typically bitter- sweet taste”: these are the inimitable characteristics of San Marzano PDO tomato.

And it’s the only one in the world to have them. Born in Campania on the slopes of Vesuvio, its roots lie in a land of volcanic nature, fertile and rich in minerals, and its flowers breathe the Mediterranean climate. The cultivation technique of the plants of San Marzano provides for a vertical type of farming, in compliance with a centuries-old tradition.

San Marzano PDO Tomatoes

Fresh and unmistakable.
San Marzano PDO tomatoes have an insuperable taste, as it used to be in the past.

Tradition, quality and competence since 3 generations. We transform the products of our land following the entire supply chain starting from the seed. The “The good that you can see” line, packaged in the classic “Buccaccio”, is the return to the rural tradition that used to store seasonal vegetables in glass to make them available all year round. By adopting advanced production techniques and small-big secrets of conservation, we keep the “original flavors” unchanged through time, delighting the palate of consumers increasingly oriented towards the search for goodness.

Red Datterini Tomatoes

The datterino tomato is very popular for preparing simple sauces and for filling pizza without particular combinations in order to let you perceive the unmistakable sweetness.