Vincenzo Santoro

The Winner Vincenzo Santoro of Las Vegas – At the World Pizza Championship, the most important event in the sector worldwide, Vincenzo Santoro of Song ‘e Napule pizzeria in New York wins the best Neapolitan pizza category.

The Las Vegas Pizza Challenge is the World Championship that draws pizza makers from around the world to elect the Pizza Maker of the Year.

These are the three most important awards added to the rankings of the regional “Traditional” and “Non-Traditional” categories as well as the Pan Division and the very American World’s Best Cheese Slice.

Winner of Pizza Expo 2024 Vincenzo Santoro

Vincenzo Santoro, known as PIZZA KID, a 27-year-old Neapolitan from Arenaccia. He lives and works in New York where he pursues his passion, Neapolitan pizza, with determination and dedication.
In Song& Napule, iconic and famouse Ciro Iovine’s pizzeria in New York.
Thanks to his tenacity and humility, he finds people and companies that believe in him. Together with Rega USA and his partners, he finally has the opportunity to showcase his skills at The International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.


For 40 years now, one of the most anticipated events for those who love and work in the pizza industry. An international competition that brings together the greatest exponents of the pizza world every year. Professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world come to share experiences and compete with others in the World Pizza Championship.


With dedication and passion, tenacity, and great humility, Vincenzo achieves one of the most beautiful and significant recognitions in the pizza world after years of sacrifices and experiences around the globe. He wins the championship for Neapolitan pizza at the International Pizza Expo. The competition sees him triumph over more than 100 participants from all over the world.

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