Located in the spectacular environmental oasis of the Majella National Park, Delverde is synonymous with quality natural products since 1967,. Today Delverde is a company that treasures the centuries-old Abruzzo traditions, in step with the times, with an international scope and a wide range of products.

Delverde uses high quality semolina obtained from the best mainly Italian grains and from all over the world, in order to obtain a more valuable pasta from the nutritional point of view, better taste and with the right tenacity, that allows her to remain as “al dente” as possible. To this characteristic are added the guarantee “OGM free” and the certifications of raw materials for organic pasta and organic whole wheat pasta lines, which come from 100% Italian grains.


Tante forme e ricette per un’unica bontà: una pasta premium che porta nel mondo la tradizione pastaia abruzzese e italiana.