The Casillo Group has decided to launch the new brand Molino Casillo, with the aim of catering to the needs of an increasingly specialised market in constant search of excellence. Molino Casillo is the result of a new corporate vision that seeks to also bring the “Molino Casillo universe” to professionals by offering a wide range of flours and semolina of the highest quality, produced to meet every need and able to ensure an excellent result in every field of use. The Casillo Group is a great Italian company, world leader in the processing and marketing of wheat, rooted deep in the Italian tradition and still evolving with professionalism and passion in a constant search for perfection.


“ZERO M” is the flour true pizzamakers appreciate most: it’s based on a careful selection of grains and has a high ability to adapt to all processes, thanks to the perfect balance between tenacity and extensibility. Recommended for the preparation of pizzas and focaccia with a medium leavening time.