Pizza’s flour: Superiore Casillo!

Pizza is an art, and thanks to Rega Usa Import one of the best ingredient for pizza is in USA! The symbol of Italianness all over the world, pizza is a convivial food which, thanks to its simplicity, gives free flow to your imagination and brings joy to your table. Just like a blank canvas, pizza is the ideal starting point for your creations. Flavours, colours, aromas come together in combinations as unique as your tastes. But what makes pizza a true masterpiece is the dough, its texture, its fragrance.


For a best Neapolitan pizza or any style of this beautiful expressione of love, choose our flours and semolinas made with 100% selected Italian wheat and get ready to set off on surprising journeys of taste.

Origine is the new innovative line of super-premium flours that preserve all the flavor and aroma of freshly harvested wheat. Thanks to a grinding that takes place with cutting-edge technologies, but respecting the ancient milling tradition. The flours of the Origine line keep the essence of the grain of wheat inside

Origine line:

The milling of grain has acompanied the history of mankind for thousand of years. Today, in the flours of the Origine line, Molino Casillo rediscovers the joy of forgotten aromas and tastes from the germ to the finished product.

Superiore Pizza:

Aromas and tastes that are safely stored in the heart of the grain of wheat. Pizza Superiore is our “Rough” flour, different from the type ‘0’ flours are used to. Obtained by slowly and delicately milling the best grain to guarantee you a unique stability, a smooth yet never rubbery pizza, rich in aromas evoking ‘the essennce of the field of wheat’. Pizza Superiore is the flour conceived to guarantee you top performance and high hydration, ideal for long leavening.


Protein 13,5% s.s., P/L 0,55, Stability 18 min, 340, Absorption 60%, FN 300 s

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