Zero flour: Zero “L” Casillo!

Zero L Casillo box Rega

Eight different types of flours, ideal for making all kinds of pizzas: tall, fluffy, light or crispy. Molino Casillo, dedicates to the pizzeria line all its sixty years of experience in the milling field.

Semola pizza’s flour: Pizza Oro Casillo!

PIZZA ORO Casillo box Rega

“Oro” is a re-milled durum wheat semolina obtained from the mixture of the best protein durum wheat. The fine grain size obtained thanks to the double grinding of the grain, they make it ideal for preparation of bread, pizza, focaccia.

Crunchy pizza’s flour: Aroma Casillo!

Linea Aroma box flour casillo icon

AROMA is the type “1” flour obtained by extremely slow milling process. Mulino Casillo dedicates this flour to Roman-style pizza. It’s also perfect for a mix to do a Neapolitan pizza or any style of this beautiful expressione of love, choose our flours and semolinas made with 100% selected Italian wheat