San marzano plant

The process. The San Marzano tomato is one of the Italian excellences in the world. San Marzano originates from the Agro Sarnese-Nocerino1, in the Sarno2 Valley, in the province of Salerno. Its center of origin is above all in the territory of the municipality of San Marzano, from which it took its name. The all process follows a mandatory process dictated by the San Marzano DOP regulations. Cultivation CULTIVATION OF SAN MARZANO TOMATOES FROM THE NOCERINO SARNESE COUNTRYSIDE First step of SMD process is “IMPLANT“, the soil is prepared to welcome the tomato seedling of a KIROS species, San Marzano 2. The plant starts with traditional methods and without the use of machinery. The entire process is done by hand. The cultivation of San Marzano Dop is practiced vertically, with suitable stakes and horizontal wires. The planting spacing must be at least 40 cm on the row and 110 cm between the rows.The exclusive training method must be vertical with suitable supports and horizontal wires. In addition to normal cultivation practices, both suckering and topping are permitted. Any forcing practice that tends to alter the natural biological cycle of the tomato is prohibited, with particular regard to ripening. Document disciplinary of San Marzano DOP


San Marzano DOP tomatoes

Few farms grow the “Tomato King“, as locally called: Agriconserve Rega grows and process the San Marzano DOP tomato, Italian excellence, following the centuries-old tradition of the vertical growing technique. The San Marzano tomato is appreciated all over the world for it’s intrinsic characteristics: typically sweet and sourtaste, little presence of seeds and an easily peelable brightred skin. In 1996, San Marzano Tomato obtained the recognition by the UE as DOP product. This success is the result of a series of factors: the Mediterranean climate, the very fertile soil, the skill of local farmers.


Combo neapolitan pizza sorrentina mozzarella rega tomatoe casillo flour

Rega Box is a perfect combo approved by Pizza Verace Napoletana to make a really and autentic Napolitan Pizza with hight and simply ingredient: Mozzarella Fior di latte Sorrentina, Rega San Marzano DOP and Casillo flours!

“Spaghetti Day: An Ode to Italian Authenticity in America”

Happy National Spaghetti Day! Today, let’s raise our forks in honor of the Italian masterpiece: spaghetti. And for a masterpiece of spaghetti, only one tomato can reign supreme: our San Marzano. Dream, cook, and savor the magic of tradition with every bite.