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agriconserve rega

Agriconserve Rega distributes in ltaly and abroad with its Rega and Strianese brand. Peeled tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, datterini tomatoes, diced tomatoes, pulps, purées and sauces: the Agriconserve Rega tomato is healthy, good and true.

latteria sorrentina

The dairy products of Latteria Sorrentina are those cheeses and dairy products produced in Italy that still manage to give taste to every dish and the authentic flavor of the Italian dairy tradition.

Molini Ambrosio

Since 1886, the Ambrosio family has never broken the link between it and the milling art. This age-old tradition is an element that characterizes and distinguishes the company.

The passion for the product and the secrets of soft and hard wheat processing have been handed down with dedication.


Tradition, quality and competence for 3 generations.
We transform the products of our land following the entire supply chain starting from the seed.
The “the good that you see” line, packaged in the classic “Buccaccio”, is the return to the peasant tradition that used to store seasonal vegetables in glass to make them available all year round.


Travelling for more than four generation searching Bluefin Tuna and Cetara’s Anchovies.
It is an history of family and tradition, which starts with the first boat, Astore, to become the biggest tuna-fishing fleet in the Mediterranean Sea. The sustainability is an ideal in common among Armatore’s fleet, proud to practise one of the most regulated fishing tecnique in the world.


Five generation ago, Frantoio Muraglia borns in Andria, Apulia oil capital.
But the patriarch is 450 years old. It’s a majestic tree of coratina olive, local cultivar, richest of polyphenols than others 538 italian classified varieties.

Le Gemme del Vesuvio

From the selection of the best durum wheat semolina processed together with pure water, with the exclusive use of bronze dies, a product with a delicate and unique flavor is born, characterizedby extraordinary tenacity and resistance to cooking.


Giordano is an artisan pastry and biscuit workshop.
The desserts are prepared following the recipes of the ancient Campania, Calabrian and Sicilian pastry tradition.


‘GelaRto’ by Menodiciotto is the result of over 30 years gelato-making experience by Luca and Sonia Grassi of Turin, Italy. The Grassis started ‘Menodiciotto Produzione’ in 1986 to make the world’s tastiest gelato using the abundance of delicious fresh ingredients found in the Piemonte region of Italy. GelaRto is our trading name in the UK and USA.

CAFFè Kenon

Inimitable since 1892.
For four generations, combining tradition and craftsmanship, Kenon has been producing excellent quality coffee through a careful and meticulous selection of raw materials.


Delverde is the healthy and pure choice for people looking for authentic premium Italian pasta, made the traditional way.
Situated in the spectacular natural oasis of the Majella National Park, Delverde has been synonymous with quality natural products since 1967,