We represent companies that offer and use innovative technologies and design creative products. We started in 2000 at Las Vegas and we moved to Chicago in 2010. Today we offer a range of services that help our customers to re-shape their businesses aligning to today’s Global markets.


When it comes to a business image, graphics plays an essential role because customers buy what they perceive. With a good graphic image, the chance of creating a more successful business has significantly increased. Graphic designs covers the ranges from as simple as a corporate logo, company web page, product brochure, corporate catalog, etc.



If you believe your design will set the next wave of business opportunities, it’s always a wiser move to protect yourself with a good design or utility patent. Ultimately, patents are the assets of a company and they help to build a good reputable company.


When every company is considering outsourcing part of their product line into Asia for sourcing, especially in the most parts of China, it is the main trend for most of the businesses because of low costs. Most companies today separates their product line into higher end lines that produce locally, and lower end lines at larger quantities will be produced in Asia.



When you are sitting at thousand miles away from your production, and you have already made promises with your customers on deliveries, proper control at the production is necessary or your promises will turn into unexpected surprises with long delays. Hence, production control is the first your business needs to learn before it comes a successful business.


Before the goods gets loaded into the container, it’s important to have all goods to be carefully checked before delivery. Once it gets to the delivery location, changes can hardly be made or it will cost a fortune to make a small change. The importance of good quality control work has been overlooked by many companies resulting in poor consumer experience. With our good quality control inspection professional on the ground, regardless of the distance of location, you can rest assured that everything is more in control aligning with your plan.



Once a product is at production, it’s important to find out if the product you are about to receive has passed all the safety requirements before they get mass-produced and get loaded up onto a container. Product safety comes first especially when it involves tens of thousands of units.


Working with the right logistics partners can save tremendous amount of time and hassles resulting more quality time for your company to bring in more sales with your customers. When the World is on time with your merchandise, everything becomes an easy task.